Wednesday, 31 July 2013

30 Day Challenge 1 * Day 10 *

30 Day Challenge 1
Day 10
Talk about your pets, or the pets you would like to have

So my current pet is Tic-Tac, who is a Giant African Land Snail (which from a quick wiki search I think he is an Achatina fulica...). I call him a 'he' although they are actually 'it' would be the preferred pronoun I guess! 
Anyway...I got Tic-Tac around the beginning of 2009, so he's about 4 years old now! Aww :) He's been asleep for about 9 months unfortunately, but it's been so humid here lately that he's woken up again! I think it's the tank he's in that he doesn't like the atmosphere  much...but I'll be trying to make it better for him now.
This is my favourite picture of him :)

In 1997 we got our beautiful pussy cat Tiggy :') I swear he was my soulmate or something but I won't go into the whole deep daemon style descriptions right now...Tigs was always the most important thing in my life and I miss him all the time now that he's gone. I have a touchstone with some of his ashes in, and a gorgeous little urn with the rest of them in. I also still have all the whiskers he'd lost over the years :) Lost in our house anyway lol. He had to be put to sleep in Dec 2011. <3 It's actually hard to see the photos of him from the month or two before he died, he doesn't look himself at all...
So look at his beautiful face <3

I don't have any other pets, although I did almost come home with a goldfish when me and Kev went to Barry Island! They had them on one of the game stalls as a prize, and I hate that, but I thought I could give one a good home (and call it Barry of course!) but then I thought it would be hard to get it home without traumatising it on the train etc. So alas I am Barryless.

I'm also really wanting some pet rats, which I've wanted for a couple of years now...but it just doesn't seem like the right time ever. I currently have no job so I would not be able to afford the rats let alone the expensive cage and toys etc! And I'm not really home much at the moment with all the travelling back and forth to we'll have to see what happens. One day I would really love some though. They're so intelligent and adorable and aww I just want some so badly! :)

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Traditional Art!

So yesterday I woke up with the urge to draw on paper!

I've been torn within myself for the last two years not putting a pencil to paper. On one hand it feels like 'real' art to me (which is dumb these days I know) but on the other hand it's just so much easier to do digital art...mainly for colour vibrancy and the whole undo concept ;) I started drawing and Dresden appeared! So I went with it! I'm happy with it <3 The colours came out a lot nicer than I expected them too...though my scanner made it look awful...
I decided to take some rushed arty photos of it, I'm really chuffed that it's in my moleskine too...I'll complete that thing one day lol!

It was a very nostalgic experience sitting on my bed drawing, surrounded my packs of pencils and other art materials, it was comforting in a way. I spent most of my teen years sitting in my bed drawing and living in my own head, so it was nice to be doing it again out of those tormented teen thoughts. I really do feel like an adult these days.

Until I hear something fart or whatever lmao. are the pics :) I hope you like it! I certainly do!

30 Day Challenge 1 * Day 9 *

30 Day Challenge
Day 9
Your favourite meme at the moment

I don't really know how to answer this, I mean I love alot of them? I can't really pick a favourite of right now. I guess Grumpy Cat is a favourite of mine to see, but I really like the actual cat Tardar Sauce more so than the here is a pic of her and her brother Pokey <3

This is one I've had for years in a folder too...I just love the cats face! He looks so chuffed with himself for having his fancy bowtie! (Added a chuffed gif too lmao)

And then this one just killed me when I first saw it <3 I can't remember if it was this one exactly, but it was definitely Joseph Ducreux, who is a dude! Lol I love it <3

There was probably a much easier way of answering this question but I'm just not 'with it' when it comes to internet stuff lol.

Sunday, 28 July 2013


So Raegan's birthday is coming up and I'm going through some old art of her.
It looks like she came into being when I'd just turned 16...the first drawing of her is dated 28th May 2005. So she's 24 in the 2nd of August, but technically she turned 8 a couple of months back lol. Bless her <3

Here's some of the oldies to celebrate <3
This was the first one ever! It was just a random drawing but she just developed as I'd finished, I knew I'd want to draw her again...and of course, I did lol!

This must be one of the next ones I did 'cause she's still got a close shaved head!

This one's got the old hair too so it must be old! <3

A few from '06, one with Toby, yay :)


I quite like this little time line, my 'starting Raegan' is at 19, but she grew into the later one quite quickly! I knew when she was young she had pink hair so it was nice to draw it finally :)

Still haven't finished this photoshop pic of Raegan...I adore it so much, but I just haven't got around to that DAMN SOFA! lol.
And finally, I finished this pixel today, for her birthday :) 'Cause I thought she hasn't been pixelled for a while! I imagine that she wouldn't bleach her hair all the time so it's normal today lol. Also she's retired the double navel piercings 'cause I imagine that would be a pain in the ass! And she's got her new side tattoos, though you can't really see them. That's something to draw another time :)

I love this character, she always inspires me...she feels almost iconic here's to more years of keeping her around! <3

30 Day Challenge 1 * Day 8 *

30 Day Challenge 1
Day 8
Are you a fitness guru or a couch potato? Talk about your exercise habits.

I'm not one for exercise, full stop lol! I do spend my down time sat on the sofa with the TV on while I browse the internet or do something arty.

It might be awful, but I do think the art is important, AND...I travel alot, I've got this whole week without any trains and it's a strange experience! It's nice to have time to just chill out, but at the same time it's nice travelling and it's nice to see my man! But y'know.
The couch potato term is made alot worse because I still haven't found a job, all these interviews are getting tedious, there are so many people going for every job that it's so hard to find one! But I'm getting there. I got really good feedback from the last couple so I'm not fretting. Just wish it would hurry up and I'd finally get into routine again!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Commission artwork!

So I've been taking on cheaper commissions at the moment. 
If anyone would like to commission me please do! :) <3

Here's the latest batch of commissions I've taken on, with one more to finish for my dearest Noah.

30 Day Make Up Challenge * Day 8 *

30 Day Make Up Challenge
Day 8
A picture of you with blue eyeshadow

These came out blurry at best :\ Ah well. I quite like the blue look actually! It seems I've come around to the colour blue recently...maybe it's been since I got the blue paint in my tattoo lol! But alot of my art tends to have blue in it nowadays...which is quite nice I suppose! :3

30 Day Make Up Challenge * Day 7 *

30 Day Make Up Challenge
Day 7
A picture of you with pink eyeshadow

It was quite hard getting the pink as dark as this! And it's still pale as hell! I swear I used to have a really deep one...nevermind. Very bubblegum cutsie-pie this look...not for me but oh well! :)

30 Day Make Up Challenge * Day 6 *

30 Day Make Up Challenge
Day 6
A picture of you with green eyeshadow

I quite like this look, though I should have put mascara on the top of my lashes too huh...never really done that but I guess it helps lol! Reminds me of the days when I had green and black hair and I used this eyeshadow daily!

Make up Mix up

I've mixed around some of the days in the make up challenge because the next one just isn't going to get done any time I've chopped and changed it so I can upload the ones I've done so far.

Monday, 22 July 2013

I dream a dirty dream of you baby, you're swingin' from the chandelier...

Me and my Mister went to Bristol Zoo Gardens at the beginning of July :)
It was a lovely day, the weather was gorgeous, bit hot but it was bearable being all sun-tan lotioned up!

I always enjoy going to the zoo, seeing all the animals time and time again, it's yummy.

So enjoy the photos of the animals and us under this break! <3

30 Day Challenge 1 * Day 7 *

30 Day Challenge 1
Day 7
How you came across Tumblr, and how your life has changed since joining it.

I think that's a pretty naff question when I'm not on Tumblr, so I'm going to talk about blogging in general I think, or social media sites and whatnot...

So I found LiveJournal when I was around 14 I would imagine...and to be honest it's probably the only reason I have some sanity today.

I've never really been one to show my emotions, let alone talk about them to people, so LiveJournal became a bit of a safe haven for me. I would write in it all the time, daily most likely.
I felt like it was the only place I could express how I was feeling, the only way I could get my problems off my chest. I can't say it stopped me from indulging in bad habits, but it was always there for me and I'm really thankful for that.
I've since deleted my original LJ, and I'm kind of glad, 'cause after going through my old diaries the other day I would probably be traumatised all over again if I read the kind of shit I'd put on there. I have another - friends only so it's for my deeper feels lol, but I'll accept friends! - that I'm really thankful for. I sometimes can't face writing in it, and I know I've been really slack as of late...but I'm glad it's there to vent to when I'm needing it.

I guess I use my deviantART journal as a venting ground sometimes, not so much anymore, but that's always been a nice place for me to express myself. I suppose when you see my older self-portraits you can kind of tell I needed to be venting to someone!

Nowadays I suppose Facebook is the main culprit of my time-wasting...with it being on my phone it's like a constant thing. But I don't put anything tooooooo personal on there...or not that I want shared around anyway.

I tend to be on Tumblr every so often, usually just to reblog photos and pictures that I find fun or cool or intriguing. It's a good site for random things, one day I might post on there, but it's a trap for anyone who doesn't copyright their stuff, it's insane the amount of unsourcing that goes on.

Other than that I have a Pinterest account, a GoodReads account, a Twitter account which I rarely bother with these days and that's about it really...and of course this Blogger! Which again I've been a bit slack with...but hey.

You can find me here if you want to, I don't bite! :)

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