Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Any suggestions welcome!

So with this piece of Toby and Amy I'm really wanting to colour it so that it looks like it's dark and they're lit by the light from the TV screen.

I don't really know how to begin, so any help will be appreciated greatly because I'm not exactly that great at lighting! It must be something that comes naturally because I just don't understand how people make it look so easy!

So I was thinking...if I start by colouring them usually, I will have my base colours;

Obviously this was rushed lol.

Then I thought to make it dark...?;

Then I thought maybe if I try and add a greenish tinge and bright highlights and dark shadows? I don't really know if this looks good or not...I would hope it would look better with my normal shading at the base level...but I dunno, I'm scared to start! I don't want it to go wrong and just release it shaded like it's day time!

So yeah...help! There was me wanting it finished by March 5th lol.

Thursday, 13 March 2014


I just want to bring Amy's dreads to everyone's attention. 

For two reasons;

1, being that she has black hair so all detail will probably be lost (may add some purple ones) and

So I'm putting this here to irritate myself and maybe learn a lesson from it.
Unlikely...but y'know lol.
They're finished, that's the main thing. The only really hard part left is the mo'foing XBox controller in Toby's hand *sobs*...but there's alot of body to line before we get to that...

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Baby you are my picket-fence

So just another general update from the last couple of weeks :)

On the 24th March me and Kev went to Cardiff to see Russell Howard! He was as good as I expected him to be and more, loved it! :) Always fun to see something different like a comedian!
Here's a couple of photos that are nothing special. There was a big NIN poster outside that Kev got excited about, but alas it is gone now.

Then the weekend after was Cardiff Comic Con so we were back in the capital! That was really fun, though I put up another post about that, so go find it!!
I did forget these photos though! Kev in the pub hehe and a nice cobweb lit up in Newport station that I had to take a photo of!

Not a lot happened during the week as usual, and then this weekend it was finally SUNNY and WARM! Ah!! <3 Haha. So me and Kev decided to go to St. George's Park! We took sarnies and a drink and some food for the ducks! It was so nice out :)
We sat on a bench watching the world go by eating our ham sandwiches and then had a stroll around the large pond. We tried feeding the ducks and swans, but they really did not care for the bread I'd taken. What's that all about. It wasn't even stale!! They quite liked the berries from the graze box though lol. At least the manic moorhen and pigeons liked my offerings lol.

Anyway then we got a tasty ice cream! First of the year, woohoo! :D Then we sat watching an older guy with a remote control boat that he was sailing around the pond and watching all the little kids throwing bread (pointlessly!!) and the dogs running around enjoying themselves!

It was a really nice day :) Can't wait for summer to be upon us so we can do more! Really wanting us to meet Noah and April in Barry with Eva and Dolphie, that's gunna be such a good day I can tell!
Not that anything is planned of course, but it will HAPPEN...lol.

Other than that, not much has been going on! With all these events going on I have been having pretty bad weekends or random days in my diet...so it's not coming off so fast any more. I lost 1 and a half pounds last week but I'm not sure this week will go so well. If I can lose another 1 and a half that will be a whole stone gone! Fabulous!
I'm really hoping I can drop one dress size by the time I go on holiday. My work trousers are definitely looser but I'm not sure I'm quite at a lower size. I do hope so though! I've ordered a pair of trousers that I really wanted in the smaller size so that I can aim to get into them. Fingers crossed!
Hopefully it will keep coming off me. I really need to start exercising though, I can feel that I'm getting flabbier with the weight loss and I need to tone up as best I can! Not too sure how to go about it, but I would really like to not be more worried about flabbiness than fatness lol.

But this weekend will be another bad day for my diet 'cause we'll be eating out again.

Uh, because we're going to Cardiff (again) to see Fall Out Boy! :D
Finally! After all these years!
ALWAYS wanted to see them and never had a chance to. I can't wait! <3 I hope it will be as amazing as I've hoped! I know a lot of people think they're naff, and only little teens seem to like them, but hell, I was a little teen when I started loving them so I'm allowed!

We still have some events to come too. After FOB I have Dirty Dancing with Tracey. Then we have Easter which hopefully means me and Kev can go down to Noah and April's for Easter treats and to celebrate my birthday! I already have cupcake plans and I cannot WAIT! <3
Then we have Derren Brown in Bristol, then our holiday in Cornwall (which is overly exciting me still!) and then there's a gap of about 3 weeks before NIN in Cardiff. Then that's it! For now!
I'd like to get tickets for the McBusted show in Weston because Backstreet Boys AND Five are playing with them, and that would be amazing! But alas, money is constantly a struggle at the moment (event after event, help me stop my addiction!) so we'll see how that goes. Sadness. Lol.

Then hopefully the summer will be calm and we can do more Fatboy gatherings <3 Fun times ahead for 2014! Loving this year so much already lol.

Cardiff Comic Con March 2014!

Another great trip to the Cardiff Comic Con commenced on Saturday the 1st of March!

We had a great day! Me and Kev got there quite early as we had Earlybird tickets, and lucky we did too as the queue was already huge by the time we got there!

We went in and had a little wander around, and when we got to the back we saw Kristian Nairn who plays Hodor in Game of Thrones :D We both wanted his autograph so I whipped out our gift tickets and we went over and met him! He is such a lovely man! He's huuuuuuuge as well! Like Massive! <3
He knew how to spell my name too - as he said his best friend at school was called Leigh - and he had a little banter with Kev about the spelling of his name hehe. He was such a nice guy and I'm glad we met him and got our photo taken with him! Makes us beasties look tiny!!

So after that we had a wander around all the stalls, and I ended up buying an original release poster for Labyrinth! It's Dutch :)

It was really cool that there were so many more people dressed up this time around. I mean there were loads last time, but it just wasn't that well advertised, so this time so many more people knew about it and really put a lot of effort into it!
I almost had a fit when I saw a girl dressed as Bayonetta! It was amazing! Her outfit was brilliant! Ended up finding her through the facebook group, so here is a photo from her page here.

So around 11 we went around to the queue that was crawling around the building and found April and Noah! We had another wander around with them and I bought a little Chewbacca keyring that growls hehehe and we bought some Heisenberg 'Special Blue' sherbert hehe :P

Here is the Batmobile and Indiana Jones props too!

Ooh here are a few other shots from the day too.

So wanted that signature. Love Carry on Screaming.
Anyway! I also bought this gorgeous Jake Gyllenhaal autograph on a Donnie Darko photo! Woohoo! :D

My second cousin Sharon is living in Cardiff now too, so she was coming along and we said we'd meet up! She also said she'd make me one of the adorable dragons that she'd been making so that was lovely! Look at him! :D <3
So we met up pretty briefly, but it'll be nice to meet up with her again :) Can tell we're related!!
She came as Dis from Lord of the Rings, and rocked the beard rather well I do believe! :P <3

And and AND! We were walking around the second time, and low and behold Matt Dixon was sat there! I recognised him and his art instantly and was so surprised!
He was at the Bristol Expo the year before but we hadn't been able to go and I already own his Girls on Top book - which he said is pretty rare now! - and so I just HAD to buy the Girls on Top 2 and he signed it for me! :D Such a fab surprise for the day <3

It was such a great day, the weather was nice for the first time this whole year, we had a fab time, and I can't wait for the next one! Would be fun to dress up one time though, felt almost left out in normal clothing! (Though if you do see in the photos, I was wearing a SKIRT OMG lol.)

Next one is in November, so bring it on!!

After we left we went to Greggs and bought some Welsh Cakes - as it was St. David's Day! - and then some fresh strawberries and went to sit in the bus station to wait for April and Noah's coach back to Swansea :) Tasty!

Then when they had to leave me and Kev popped back to get some food and then headed back to Newport and sat in Wetherspoons for an hour or two looking over our loot and chatting. I got home around 9pm I think, so all in all it was a fun and eventful day and I can't wait for more! :)
Love when we all get to spend time together, espesh at an event I guess! <3