Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Spotlight on Make Up Special FX

It dawned on me that I don't think I put these pics out there!

Last year - April to be exact! - after my redundancy I forked out a good chunk of money and went to this Special FX Make-Up course! It was only one day, and we didn't get a chance to try anything ourselves, but that was because we were getting loads of interesting stories from Darren Longthorne and the time flew by! He did Make-up in one of the later Star Wars films, done loads of films and ads and bits and bobs that just sound brilliant <3
Amazing job!


A lot of the photos came out badly as I wasn't really prepared, but they're good enough for me to learn and work from. So here are a few of them, enjoy the gore! <3

I loved the above cut, especially watching it just appear in front of our eyes. Some people were even feeling a bit weird lol! Loved when he sewed it up, it looked so real and gruesome! He was annoyed he'd forgotten a real curved needle from hospitals but this was all he had. Hope the pics open bigger!

This was pretty cool too! It was really impressive yet so simple when he added the scratches! Looked so painful in real life!

The one above was painful looking once finished. Ouch. Here's the man himself with his work! Hardly took him maybe an hour for the both of these. Amazing <3

Couple of bits n bobs. Was almost me with the nail through my thumb! :C lol. Shame the girl had tiny nails so it wouldn't stay straight.

This one was awesome, it actually made me feel a bit ill!

I've decided to get some of the silicon and paints and all the stuff that this guy used - maybe for my birthday as money is so tight atm - 'cause I would really love to give this stuff a try. It would be amazing. Even if I only made myself up (and friends!) for photos it would still be fantastic!

I can't wait :) I hope it won't take long to get good lol! He made it look so easy! <3

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Birthday Drawings

I wanted to draw Toby for his birthday (which is March 5th by the way) and came up with a little doodle in work of Toby and Amy sat on his bed while he's playing a game and she's lighting his cigarette :) It's so cute! I'm hoping I can do some lighting on it that makes it look like they're sat in the dark with the screen glowing on them and the flame looking real bright!
If that doesn't work them I'm sure you'll see a 'day-time' version that's easier for me to colour! XD

I really like how nervous Amy looks, I know I definitely get like that when I watch Kev play a game haha. I'm hoping Toby's eyes don't look so scary once it's coloured and lit right.

I hope I can pull it off! Got the sketch finished Thursday night and started on the lines this evening. It's gunna take ages! Amy's fake dreads will take yonks to line, but hopefully it'll be worth it :)

Here's what I got so far lol.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Limp Bizkit and Valentines!

So I've had a really good week so far!

Last Monday was 3 weeks on my diet, and I've already lost 8 1/2lbs! That's crazyness! I don't think it's showing yet, but it's still awesome, and I'll keep going, would be nice to drop at least two dress sizes!
Though, as you will see from the rest of this post, this week has gone speeding downhill, so tonight's weigh in won't go so well.
(I wrote this in work, so I'll add my poundage at the end when I've done it lol!)

Wednesday me and Kev went to see Limp Bizkit on the Kerrang! Tour 2014!! He met me from work - when I got out late at 5 - and then we popped in Subway 'cause I had vouchers and had a yummy footlong meal for cheaps! :) And Kev found a heart shaped crisp, so awwww, lol;

Then we headed round to the O2 Academy and got in line (which wasn't even that long!) and was then told by security that because Kev had an O2 phone, we could go into the other queue and get in earlier than the other! Bargain! :D
So we waited in that queue for a little while, and then we headed in!

I was absolutely gobsmacked to walk in there, and there were hardly any people at the front barrier! So we were RIGHT AT THE FRONT! Like when does that even happen?! Last time I was at the front was probably Less Than Jake at least 7 years ago and even then I almost passed out and had to get pulled over lmao.
So yeah, I tried to take a pic of us on the front row, but it just turned out really creepy and just us with no barrier...so meh, scary lol.

Anywho! The first band on were Baby Godzilla, who were just noise. They weren't exciting, and they kept flailing and screaming at the barriers and me and Kev got smacked on the head by a microphone stand and almost by a guitar plenty of times! Needless to say I did not take photos of them! :P

Then After them were Nekrogoblikon, which I thought were gunna be like some Mortiis/Dimmu Borgir outfit, but they were actually really fun! This guy came out with brilliant goblin prosthetics on (except for the hands lol) and announced them, and he stayed on stage dancing about to them for the whole set, it was amazing haha. Also they had mad songs, one of them was called Giraffe and the chorus was 'Suddenly a Giraffe! Giraffe!' lmao.
I couldn't get great photos of them (or the whole night really) on my phone, and I hadn't bothered bringing my camera (thinking we'd be beaten up at the back lol) but here are a couple;

Then the next band was Crossfaith. Never heard of them before but they were Japanese and had the awesome look to match! (Seriously do they do translated clothes sites there? lol) They were really fun live, not sure they match up when I've looked them up on youtube after, but still, it was enjoyable! They were screamy and electronicy and Kev was well chuffed when they did a Prodigy cover!
when they finished I managed to catch a drumstick that the drummer threw too! :D
I tried to get pics of them, the other guitarist is missing though...he wore all black and had reddish orange hair lol.

Then after them all the sheets came off the drumkit and speakers and it was time for Limp Bizkit :D Oh my lord it was so exciting! We were pretty close to where Wes was, and he's amazing lol. They came out and started with a cover of Welcome to the Jungle and it went crazy lol. The whole show I was squashed against the barrier and Kev was glued to my back with his hands on the rail. My knees are really tender and bruised still from having them bashed against the barrier non-stop. I thought my ribs were going to pop my lungs at one point, but it was good fun and nothing bad happened! They're more of a bouncy band too so the pushing wasn't drastic where we were either! Yay!
They also did their amazing cover of Faith by George Michael which I looooove, and was so happy they played!
I took about 100 pics but these are the only salvageable ones that came out decent! This is why we must take hundreds! So yeah;

Also, I have to mention how amazing Wes looked lol. I've tried to crop a pic so you can see his amazingly creepy eyes. They were all pink around the edges with huge vivid blue contacts omg. Ooh and he took off his Lei's from round his neck and I caught one! Woohoo! :D <3

Here's a photo of my loot hehe.

Kev was meant to be getting the last train home but we didn't get out til it was actually due, so he had to stay at mine. What a shame haha :)

So Thursday was alright at work, and then I got home to this amazing package lmao! Honestly I opened it and was laughing my head off lol, I even sent the photo to Kev haha, brilliant :D I need to find fun things to send back to my Fatboys! It was their 10yr Anniversary that day too :) Which is just lush isn't it <3 Feels like we should have been tiddlers 10 years ago...how old we're getting!!

Thursday night I also made a heartshaped cheesecake for Kev! The recipe I had was for loads so I ended up making the shaped one and a normal one. Unfortunately the heartshaped one cracked when it cooled to fast, but the other came out fine!

THEN! Friday was Valentines Day! :D

Kev met me from work again and we walked (or flew with the weather!) down to the Harbourside and popped in Lloyds for a drink before our 6pm table booked in Za Za Bazaar!

Oh my god, it's amazing in there. I already have a Fatboy trip planned for when they're back here lol! <3 It's like a giant marketplace! And I mean giant, I really didn't think it would be so big! There are like 6 or 7 'stalls' with loads of different foods on them! There was one for curries, one for chinese, they had salads, sushi, burgers and hotdogs that you could make up yourself, fish and chips, pizza, breads...gah, you name it, it was there! It was amazing! And then they had a whole stall of desserts too :D and a chocolate fountain! Lush!
It was pretty expensive on the evening, but I think it's much cheaper during the day.

It was yummy, and we had a nice time just wandering round grabbing food and sitting chatting at our table for our allotted 1:45hrs lol. I took a photo of our desserts but I wish I had taken photos of the whole place! We were in a little wooden section with fairy lights above us, but there was one bit with a huge Day of the Dead type skull on the wall too! Nice!

So yeah. Anyway we left there and headed home :) We swapped V-Day cards and settled down in front of the TV to watch telly (though I can't remember what we watched! :\ must have been something!)

Oh yeah, doesn't the card I got Kev look just like us? Hehe;

Then a bit later we ate our heart shaped cheesecake which was LUSH! :D It made me extremely happy as I still haven't got over my sponge cake blunder lol.

Then Saturday we got up late and I made bacon and fried egg on toast, the fried eggs being heart shaped! I saw a egg-shaped frying pan in Tesco and thought it would be a wonderful idea - wrong! It was awful for eggs, I might try pancakes in there, but the eggs were really hard to cook and the edges of the pan were on fire lol! But it was all tasty :)

We ate more cheesecake and also pigged out on all the graze box left-overs and the Reese's peanutbutter cups that I'd bought for Kev.

We watched Dark Skies which Kev hadn't seen, and I enjoyed more the second time around, and then we watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad and finished the first season! :D I love it, can't wait to watch more! Also we watched the Game of Thrones 15min teaser, which is getting us excited for April!!

Anyway, Kev had work Sunday morning (even though the job was cancelled in the morning!) so he had to leave Saturday night, so we took a nice slow stroll up to Broomhill and headed to Templemeads. Then we parted ways again! Boo!

But it was a really nice few days, and I loved it :)

Also started playing 'Flow' on my phone...addicted. I can't stop! Lol.

Anywho. Not much else to add.

As for this evening's weigh in...I put on 0.2 of an lb this week. Which considering the amount I have eaten this week is pretty AMAZING. So yay for me! ^_^