Tuesday, 5 August 2014

McBusted take over Weston-Super-Mare!

When I heard there was going to be a show on Weston's beach consisting of McBusted, Five and Backstreet Boys I HAD to be there!

So, I got tickets, and dragged Kev along :) Sam and Dawn came down for it too, and we headed to Weston for about midday.

The weather was meant to be pretty shoddy so I was prepared for rain, but alas, the sun came out all day and thankfully I put a quick slap of sun tan lotion on my face and Kev's head!! I got burnt to a crisp!! I was pealing for days and it was too sore to even wear my necklace let alone my work pass!!
But anyway...back to Weston.

We got into the queue after a nice portion of sea-side chips (and after sneaking over to get a photo of the only free-to-see sand sculpture) and got in there around 3pm maybe?

Anywho, first up was Diversity, then it was Scouting for Girls. Not too bothered about either of those but y'know.

Then there was an announcement and I was so worried they were gunna say Five weren't performing...but it was Backstreet Boys!! Backstreet Boys!! Pulled out because one of them was ill! How awfully selfish is that?!
I was fucking fuming! I still am to be honest.
They were the only reason I really paid out for that show, when do you ever get to see Backstreet Boys?! So I was so angry, as was half the crowd.

But Five came on, and that was exciting :D And then McBusted came on!
They were so much fun! I'm not too aware of most McFly songs, so alot of theirs I couldn't sing along to, but it was really fun! They had great chemistry and charisma on stage and I would recommend seeing them :)
It was nice to see them all grown up and adult and messing about like men should do in their late twenties and thirties lol.

I really enjoyed the day out, other than burning and Backstreet Boys being twats it was fab :)

Some photos!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Crazy Town and London 17th and 18th June 2014

Hopefully this won't be such an image heavy post!
Well...it could be...

Back in June me and Kev went to London to see Crazy Town! :D
I've wanted to see them for so many years (I think the Gift of Game came out 2001ish?) and so when they announced the one off show in London after Download Festival I HAD to be there!

The plan was to go down around lunch time, have a chilled out bit of lunch and find our way to the hotel and head down to the gig.

But when does anything we do go to plan?!

Ended up that Kev had an interview that day, that would run til around 1 or 2pm. And so we had to change our Megabus to about 3:30pm and hope he got to Bristol in time!
Luckily, he was out around 1pm, managed to get the train just in time and then when he got to Bristol we were ready to jump on the coach! Phew!

But it did mean that we didn't get into London until about 6pm. Then we had to get to Victoria station, buy our tube tickets and find our way on two tubes to where our hotel was!

We ended up in Hackney, which has a pretty bad reputation, and we were completely lost. Unfortunately I trust Google Maps way too much and it had us wandering around this council estate aimlessly searching for a Premier Inn!
One little old black lady did try helping us as best she could, and told us to be careful, and eventually we managed to find the hotel. I can't remember what time we got there but we dumped our stuff, and pretty much turned around again! It was so draining!

We found a taxi booth place to get us to the venue because catching a tube would have taken ages, so we ended up getting to the gig at 7:45pm!!

I was so terrified that we were going to be late and stood at the back without being able to see anything and I was just tired and worried and gah...but...we got in there, and it was pretty much empty!! Like maybe 25 people when we got in there?

So we went and bought a drink and headed down to the stage, we were in the second row so that was amazing :) and luckily we stayed there! <3

The starting band started about half 8 (could hardly believe my worrying lol) and they were really fun! They were called Love Zombies, and they had a female singer who was very energetic and it felt like an early day No Doubt which was pleasantly surprising! :)

Then it was Crazy Town who were just awesome! :D I loved it! <3
The only downside was the fact that there were scene-whores next to us who were ALL over them (and themselves!) whipping their bikini-clad boobs out whenever anyone came near our side of the stage (it was a tiny stage...).

But enough of them lol.

It was so good, they were really grateful and so happy that their fans have stuck by them this long and came out to see them :) There were a few CXT tattoos and people that had seen them back in the day and it was just so nice to see for them! :)

The photos aren't the greatest quality (when are they ever with my camera?!) but hopefully they put across how fun it was ^_^

And after it was over I managed to get a setlist from one of the roadies! Ahhh! :D So awesome <3

I was aching like mad by the time we left, and my throat was all croaky, but we made it back to the tube station and got the tube back to Hackney. We stopped and got some fried chicken to take back to the room with us which was yummm :)

So the next morning we went down for breakfast, went back up for showers and then went on our merry way into London town!

We headed towards Covent Garden (for purposes I cannot divulge to my one reader! :P) but there were a few photos that I can share!

So yeah, it was a lovely night and day in London! :)