Sunday, 30 June 2013

30 Day Make Up Challenge * Day 5 *

30 Day Make Up Challenge
Day 5

A picture of your favourite make up style

I really love how Adele's make up looks. I gave it a go a week or so ago, and the liner was too thick and I added some lashes that were way too big, so I never uploaded them. I tried it again this morning and it looked lovely but I just can not get any good I'm going to add them all and hopefully you will get the gist. I might try it another time though 'cause I really love the look...*sigh*

These above are the perfect lighting and colour, the lashes are just too large to be believable. I needed to use my Girls Aloud ones really but I used some Halloween ones...sill me!

Below are the ones I did this morning, it looked lovely and I adored it...but the lighting is just really bad here today and so these came out a little blurred and pinkish. These were taken on my phone 'cause even my camera wasn't cutting it!

Hopefully you get what I'm going for and you like it :3

Saturday, 29 June 2013

30 Day Challenge 1 * Day 3 *

30 Day Challenge 1
Day 3
Your favourite television programmes.

This was meant to be your fave TV show, but I can't decide on just here are a few of my favourites! :)

Grey's Anatomy
I think this probably one of the longest running drama series that I've actually stayed up to date with! And I still really like it, even with alot of the early cast gone! But I'm liking the new additions and it'll be nice to see how it goes from here for however long they'll keep it going!

Aww, gotta love Qi, I really like Stephen Fry, and Alan Davies as well, so it's fun watching their interactions every show. And of course, it's brilliant for learning amazing and pointless information! I love it!

Game of Thrones
Wow. Honestly, like alot of the population at the moment, I am in love with this! I'd always heard that I'd probably like it, and so one day at work I decided to start reading the first book online...and oh dear, I was hooked! Went out and bought the first 2 books that same day and put the first series on my Lovefilm list. And that was the end of that! I adore the characters, they're really well brought-to-life in the series, and I love how they've made everything look and feel. I'm always excited to see what happens next, and I'm almost too scared to read the books before a series in case it blows it for me! It's gunna be a long wait til next season...

Aww, my Winchesters! Only got into this in June 2012 and I couldn't believe I hadn't had it in my life! I bought the seasons 1-6 boxset as soon as I could and watched them all back to back. Waited a little bit til season 7 was on TV, and now season 8 starts on TV soon! I want to rewatch some of season 7 before it starts, but I'm so excited for it to be back! Unfortunately Bobby was my favourite, but I will still be loving it no matter what! <3
The original Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright effort, with the beautiful Nick Frost as well of course! Lol...This is just quirky and fun and I love it. I like Brian the mental artist lol, and of course Tim Bisley, who is a comic artist <3 And Mike with his military obsession! <3 It's just fun and I enjoy watching episodes when I get a chance. Shame it was only 2 seasons long!

This is England - Series
Y'know I was terrified when I heard they were making a TV series of This is England. I couldn't imagine what they were going to do! But as soon as I saw these ads I knew I'd love it. I love Lol and Woody, and it was nice that the series kind of focuses on them more. I love that the series follows the same characters growing up, and I think it is such a hard hitting show! 86 packed a huge punch, and then 88 was just so emotional, I just can't wait for 90, which I think is going to be the last one. I just adore this so much <3
True Blood
I never really liked True Blood, but a couple of years ago I bought the first season to watch and I really enjoyed it. I started watching the second and just couldn't get into it...But Kev watched the first season and we've started watching it and we're really getting into it! We're about half way through the 3rd season at the moment, and I need to buy the 4th soon 'cause it's getting almost addictive! I think it could easily get naff so I'm not keeping my fingers crossed, but I am enjoying it so far :) I think Bill might be my favourite. I absolutely hated Jessica when I first started the 2nd season but now I think she's one of my favourites and I'm really hoping she gets back with Hoyt <3

I'm not quite caught up on this yet as it's still on TV and I've hardly had any time at home to watch it...but I'm really loving this series. I think because we know Hannibal's future it makes it all that more exciting when tiny little things happen and I love Will Graham. I still need to get the Red Dragon book 'cause I found the 2nd one at a book sale, but I'm a little scared because if the character doesn't have Aspergers it might not be as intriguing...or that's atleast what I love about the character in the series...but I still think it's a fantastical story and plot so far! I'm only about 5 episodes or so into it, and I've heard everyone getting excited over the ending, so I'm looking forward to it...but we'll see how it goes! :D

Monday, 24 June 2013

30 Day Challenge 1 * Day 2 *

30 Day Challenge 1
Day 2
Talk about your piercings and/or tattoos, if you have any.

Uh, ok then, let's go!
I had my ears pierced when I was about 6 I think, and I was a pain in the ass with the healing process. I wouldn't let my mum clean them and so one side got infected. Apparently it swelled up so much that the stud was actually half inside my ear *barf* one night, when I was asleep, my mum and Grandma snuck into my room, and while my Grandma held me down, my mum had to yank it out of my ear and squeeze the puss out! Lmao! I can't believe I didn't wake up, but that's something you'd remember surely lol!
After that I had one earring for a few months, which was weird considering I have a boyish name too lol...but after a while, it fell out while I was playing with my friend and we just never put anything back in.

Anyway, I didn't bother with piercings after that until I was about 12 when I decided I wanted my lip pierced. As usual I was too wimpy to ever get it done and still haven't! But when I was 15 I got my left nostril pierced at Download Festival <3 I loved it, it didn't hurt, just felt warm, and it healed sooooo easily! Only downfall, being the wimp that I am, when it fell out (because it was healed so well) I was too scared to put it back in! So after a month maybe 2 it was gone.

I got my right nostril pierced for my 16th birthday (which hurt SO MUCH MORE than my left nostril did! Due to it being a tapering nose stud omg :C) and a couple months after I got my ears pierced again (going in to Claire's all gothed up lol). I changed my nose stud over to a ring when I was 17 and I loooove it, can't imagine ever getting rid of it! I had a cartilage piercing about halfway up my right ear after that, and stupidly I felt it was healing perfectly fine and changed the stud over to a ring...realised that was a bad idea pretty quickly when the cartilage started growing out the back! So I changed it back to a bar but it was getting horrible so I took it out. Alas! I never learn! Oh and I started stretching my left lobe around this time too.

When I was 18 I got my first tattoo! The Taurus symbol on the back of my neck! Took about 5-10 minutes and it didn't really hurt bad at all, so that was good! I got my right nipple pierced later in the year which went horribly. I could tell the morning after that it had already started migrating, and it just never got better. It just would not heal. It didn't help that I probably had bras that were too small, and I didn't let it air enough, BUT, it was done with a much too small ring.

I got my second tattoo in the April of 2008 of a pumpkin with a heart carved out of it with blood and vines etc, and I had my baby pussy cat's name with it on my ankle. :) About a month or two after the nipple ring grew right out through my nipple! Eek! That was scary but relieving at the same time. Then later in the year I got my Madonna done, which hurt the most out of all my piercings! But I love it, as soon as the guy put the dot on my lip and asked if it was ok I knew I'd love it <3 Then in the November I got my 3rd tattoo of a black and grey book on my left wrist with the pages flying out of it around my forearm.

Had a bit of a lull in body mods after that, other than stretching both of my lobes up to 14mm.
Then on Friday 13th April 2012 I went and got my VCH piercing! That was such a surreal but brilliant experience. I was terrified but I'd booked a half day from work, and went up, shaking like mad. The receptionist and the piercer made me feel really relaxed and he told me 'by the time you can call me a bastard the pain will be over with' and that was exactly it! It was very odd but exhilarating. But most importantly, it healed within a week or two and I haven't had any trouble with it at all! Other than the bar being too long but I'm too scared to change it lol.

Then in the July I had my 4th tattoo of a red umbrella on my right wrist! I guess it felt like it would be a bit of protection from the metaphorical rain of the time, because I'd lost my job, my cat, my Grandma and got ditched all in the space of a few months. I guess it's helped a bit!

So, lastly, for the New Year of 2013 me, Apple and Noah went to Birmingham to get tattoos! I got my 5th tattoo, on the inside of my right arm, which is a paintbrush with a scroll that has the lyrics 'I'm a paintbrush in a way, I'm just an artist on a shelf' which is a shortened section from The Dangerous Summer's 'A Space to Grow' :) Not my favourite song but the lyric from that band that I most relate too lol. That was such a painful experience! I was led down for it, and even though it only took about 45mins to an hour, it hurt so bad! Every time the needle touched my arm, my hand went freezing cold and tingly. I think the pressure of where my arm was leaning was really bad. And with such sensitive skin there it was just...oww lol. The underside of my whole arm was bruised for a couple of weeks and that was the most painful part because I could hardly lean my arm anywhere!
BUT, it's healed nicely and I love it! :)

So yeah! That's me up to date! I'm planning to go get my second lobes pierced soon but so much has been going on that it hasn't happened yet. I'll drag Kev to Blue Banana soon and get them done :)

Tattoos are always in the planning too, but for now I need to save money lol.

Here are some of my mod photos!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

30 Day Challenge 1 * Day 1 *

30 Day Challenge 1
Day 1
Your name and how you feel about it.

My name is Leigh!
Wrote it quickly there just to show you, lol.
I actually really like my name, I wouldn't change it for anything!

It originates from the Old English 'Leah' which means 'Opening' or 'Meadow' which I think is really pretty :) I think it's nice, and I like that it's an androgynous name as well.
I've had quite a few people ask me my name, and they turn around and say 'what, didn't your mum like you very much?'...which I know is meant to be a joke, but it's still my name, and I'm proud of it. It's mad how judgemental people can be about names when their grandchildren will probably be called Chardonnay, Mercedes, Rooney...ugh.'m happy with the name my mother gave me!

This was actually meant to be 'your middle name and how you feel about it' but I don't like my middle name much and it's one of those worrying things that if you keep putting them online people might get so much info on you they'll steal your identity lmao!

Saturday, 22 June 2013

30 Day Make Up Challenge * Day 4 *

30 Day Make Up Challenge
Day 4
A picture of you with Smokey Eyes

Here's my Smokey Eyes I guess! I like this look :) <3 Didn't take too long either which was lovely! Always a new look for my spontaneous style changes lol.

Friday, 21 June 2013

30 Day Make Up Challenge * Day 3 *

30 Day Make Up Challenge
Day 3
A picture of you with glitter make up

I must say a lot of these early days are going to be similar because most of my make up is black!
The only glittery make up I have is black and silver, so here's what I did lol! The black is like a grease eyeshadow with glitter in? First time I've used it and it's very odd. But it's also a really nice colour when it comes out. It did take forever to dry (not even sure it is dry yet!) so it stained the shimmer, but hey ho! I quite like the glittery look! :)

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Download 2013

I got back from Download Festival on Monday so here are a few photos!

I'd done my back in the weekend before and I think I was getting hormonal so I really wasn't in the mood for standing around all day and walking miles and miles...but having said that, looking back on it I enjoyed it! I'm like that with rollercoasters, hate them while I'm on them, love it when I get off lol.

I think the bands got me through it 'cause I got to see a few favourites of mine!
So here we go;

Papa Roach
They were good playing their songs, especially the old ones from the Last Resort time period, but I was shocked at how 'black' Jacoby sounded lol, weird. I guess I hadn't paid much attention the other times I've seen them.

Korn were fun to watch actually! Shame I couldn't get any great photos, but atleast you can kind of see Jonathan and his microphone stand! And Head was back with them, so that was awesome! Though I really had no idea that David Silveria had left. Shame really, he was cool.

Aww man, fourth time seeing these guys and they were amazing as always! Loved it! <3 I ended up watching them alone because no one would go down into the crowd, but it was so much fun. They played Duality for Paul Grey and that was amazing. So friggin' good! I think they must have had a bass player behind the set, which I can understand, not wanting to bring someone in to fuel rumours that they've replaced Paul, but it was odd aswell. They didn't have his mask or suit out which was also odd. I guess it saved their and our emotions lol. Fab set.

Ryan, Ben and Sean.

Young Guns
I've been wanting to see Young Guns for a couple years now, and twice I've had a chance to see them and something's happened to stop me I was really looking forward to it. But being outside on a windy day is really hard on such a big stage and they really didn't sound great. If they play in Bristol one day I'll go, but I'm not too concerned anymore. Shame really, but still like them :)

These guys were ok, but mainly repetitive by the end. BUT...that artwork is by a guy that was at the Art from the New World exhibition they had up at Bristol Museum a couple years back. I'm not sure I took down the artist's name but I loved their stuff. So that's quite cool.

Parkway Drive
I'm not always into really screamy bands but I recognised a few songs of theirs. They were pretty good live, but again I really hate being far away for bands so it feels like a spectator sport at a festival rather than an actual 'gig'.

Aww it was so cool to see Lit! I wasn't in that great a mood 'cause my back was killing, and I'd only just taken some Paracetamol, but they were good fun! I loved all the old songs from back in the day, and they seemed really chuffed to be playing Download!

Stone Sour
It was fun to see these guys a little close up than the other times I'd seen them! Gotta love Corey. I was a little sad that they didn't play much from their first album, but as always I need to come to terms that bands like to move on even if I don't...pfft. They should have played Inhale atleast.

A Day to Remember
Yay! It was so fun to see these guys again! I can't wait to go see them in February <3 Gotta book tickets! They were a laugh, their songs are so catchy and danceable and I loves them! They had large beach balls being thrown around the crowd, and they tried to get loads of people doing two-tiered crowd surfing! Which was mad lol. (Next to some you see!)

Limp Bizkit
Awwww yeah! Wanted to see these guys for years, it was amazing! It seemed a bit subdued on their part; they really weren't expecting a crowd at all considering Rammstein were tearing up the main stage...but we pulled it out the bag! The crowd was going ape-shit for them and I really don't think they believed it lol. Loved it. Fred Durst didn't look like he'd tried very hard lmao, but Wes looked awesome as always! Wish the photos would have come out better! Best way to end my Download.

When Limp Bizkit finished I tried to get a few photos of Rammstein playing main stage but as you can see I couldn't get much of a good shot lol. I'm sure they were awesome though. I only really walked through to the RIP area to get a drink and a sit down 'cause I was shattered...but at least I saw a few fireworks and fireballs! Fun times!

Here's my Rest in Peace Download wristband! Glittery! :3