Thursday, 10 April 2014

I saw the words that you wrote down

I haven't written here in quite a while have I?!

Not a whole lot has gone on since I last wrote, though I did go to see Dirty Dancing on stage again with Tracey :)

I've come to a halt on that drawing of Toby and Amy, I can't decide whether to go for it or's so tricky! I did try some fast shading on an old WoW sketch yesterday, and sadly it looked pretty good, which shows how much time I always waste lol. But it would probably frustrate me.
I also tried adding some colour to the edges to seem like weird lighting...didn't necessarily look great but worth a try...I really should buy some digital art technique books or something.

I feel like I'm stuck in a rut with my art.

I've ordered some special FX make-up stuff for my birthday (from Mother Dearest!) so that should be interesting! Someone please remind me though, that if it doesn't go right first time, I'm not a failure, right? Fed up feeling useless at everything lol.

It's my baking that's killing my enthusiasm at the moment...I can't bake cakes for shit lol.
Tried to bake one on a whim for Mothers Day and it all went tits up! I thought the mix was for BOTH pieces for the sandwich sponge but it must have been for one 'cause they were less than a centimetre thick, so ridiculous and tough...I thought I'd try again but smaller but the spring-form tin burst and the whole cake baked itself on the bottom of the oven...THEN I thought 'fuck it, let's try and make the sandwich one anyway'...didn't have enough jam so it was pitiful, then when I tried it, I realised I'd used caster sugar instead of icing sugar in my butter cream! It was like licking sweet sandpaper! >_< Awful.

So I give up for now. ONE DAY I'll get it right.

We're going down to Swansea to see le Fatboys this weekend for Easter and my Birthday celebrations, so I've made some chocolate and fudge cookies, and I'm making some cupcakes this evening...everything is fine so far but y'know...

We'll see what happens.

I wasn't feeling useless before writing this but jeez lmao!

I think I'm being put off by the new The Used album. I'm trying my best to fall in love with it...but no. I'm not a 17 year old American that hates authority, and that seems to be the demographic for this one! Sadness.


Somehow I stumbled onto this site the other day and read this whole thing on Jeffrey Dahmer, I really need to look more into serial killers and nutters...I mean it fascinates me! That BBC Three programme about the death row cases in Texas was really good. The first episode they actually spoke to the guys, and I love how most men that have been in prison for a while have such honest looking eyes. Like they just have nothing left to lie about. It's just fascinating. Everything about it! If I would have been an academic type my one passion would have been doing Psychology. Truthfully, it still bugs me now lol <3

Just rambling about shit now aren't I...catch you after the trip to Swansea! :)